1 - Invitation Timing

The best time frame would be 3 weeks prior to the date. This gives the invitees enough time to make it work with their schedule and make room. Smaller gathering such as a potluck/thanksgiving/surprise birthday party you can send invitations as close as 2 weeks from the date. Keep in mind that catering companies and event services are booked way in advance during busy times of the year. All depending on the size of the event, an accurate RSVP list is crucial when assigned seatings come into play. The factor of over-buying or under-buying food or even for security reasons and fire regulations.

2 - Promote More Than Once

Most people will forget if they hear about it only once, everyone has busy lives. Send them a reminder! Excite them closer to the date with a count down email, new information perhaps like a performer or chances to win a trip for two to Hawaii!

3 - Event Content and Creation

Give it a purpose, more importantly, give it a storyline. Get the guests engaged and wanting to know more. Make sure to highlights the benefits of attending the event and really "think like a guest" put yourself in their shoes. What do you want them to feel and take away from the event?

4 - Promotion and Engagement Tactics

This is a fun part! It is proven that when there are activities weather its a rented pool table or a treasure hunt, people will want to come. Knowing the event will value their time in a creative way makes them want to come, it works! Engage your attendees. The simple 90s way of doing events no longer appeals to people... A beige carpeted venue, some food and a speech.

5 - Use The Feeling Of Missing Out

We know it! No one likes missing out on a good time. Make your event feel irresistible, this can simply mean using it in the wording of the invitations. If everyone is going, they need to go. Make it feel like it! Captivation their attention with what is about to come playing with the element of surprise. Don't tell them everything just yet. Let them know there is a special guest speaker. This really elevates the curiosity and make people want to know more. 

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6 - Support a Cause

Why not have the ticket sale $5 of the ticket price got to a charity that you know most people attending are sensible too. This is also a great way to contribute as a brand and make a difference. This can be done in many ways of prize bidding.

A personal favourite: Donating $2 of each beverage (Drinking with a cause feels better right?)

7 - Promote Your Event in the Right Places

What is your target market? You should also consider the physiographic such as the type of technology do they use, social media, interest and motivation to attend your event. You want to make sure they are getting the message!

8 - Drive Event Engagement

Get them to talk about it and share the event with their network. Sharing the event links with 5 friends gets them in a pool to win a big prize for example.

Thankfully we can help you with all these important details and let you get the most out of your event. Shoot us an email [email protected]