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Birthday Party CharactersHow thrilled would a little kid be, if their favorite movie characters were to show up to interact with them and the other kids at a birthday party? For copyright reasons, we name each birthday party characters we do with a similar but different name. Browse our catalog, and you'll know who they are.

If you're a typical Orange County parent, you want to show your kid a real good time on her or his birthday. Sure, there are plenty of pricey amusement parks in the area where any kid would have a good time. But really, is a day chasing kids around Disneyland really what you're up for? Wouldn't it more fun for everyone, if you hosted an at-home event with lots of fun party characters Los Angeles? Kids party characters add all sorts of fun and excitement to backyard birthday bashes. It can be stressful to host childrens parties in Orange County, especially if you try to manage a herd of cake addled kids around a major amusement park. Birthday party characters rentals provide almost as much fun, without the nightmare of trying to manage a bunch of rambunctious children.

Karacters 4 Kids has been delighting party goers with super hero and princess party characters Orange County for more than fifteen years. Please read our FAQ to understand our policy regarding licensed characters. We can't claim to be perfect reproductions of your kids favorite kids party characters, due to licensing restrictions, but your birthday party guests will know who they're supposed to be. Have you always thought it would be fun to work as a party character in Los Angeles? It really is a good time. If you would like to audition for a part as a princess, super hero, comic book character or other party characters, contact Karacters 4 Kids. Call 877.9.KARACTERS or 877.952.7228 Birthday Party Characters
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