Nowadays it is all about being a unique individual! Event planners need to learn this. It's about the consumer and keeping them in mind at all times, and the same goes for corporate events. Make something feel special for me! People who attend events in Vancouver expect that personal touch.

We have technology to thank for this, which has made personalization easier than ever before. If you take Spotify for instance, it will send you playlist put together for YOU based on what you've listened to. A simple email has your name on it and Airbnb sends you recommendations of places you might like to visit and stay in looking at your recent searches. Having automated technology reminders like ordering more dog food makes it so we can free our minds and post-it notes, letting us focus on other things.

This is where the future is: show your customers that you know and get them.

Why and How do You Personalize Corporate Events?

An event is all about the experience, not just overall but individually. People are unique and different and therefore you need to tailor corporate events! Create experiences that attendees won't forget by avoiding a cookie cutter format. People learn, think, and respond differently. This might seem obvious for 20 people but what about 300 or 3000 attendees?

Let me show you how to take an event in Vancouver to the next level, leaving lasting impressions with the power of personalization.

Automation and Data Collection for Events

Data collection plays a big role in event management. I am not talking about copy-pasting repetitively but reaching and connecting with your attendees in relevant ways. With automation, you can gather guests' insights faster and in an organized fashion. Utilize this data to optimize your events, to find out what people like and would have liked to see. What made them tick? Keep what works, remove what doesn’t and add what they want. To ensure that you engage with your guests at every stage, technology is key. You are no longer shooting in the dark, you have a precision roadmap to success.

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Collecting Data and What to do With It

Before: This information comes from registration and form submission on the landing page and advertisements. Vancouver is full of different personalities; you can see this at any large event. Customize offers, emails and more to make yours individually special. Collect specific information when they sign up, such as age group brackets, line of work, or even something fun and out there like "choose between Pistachio, salted caramel or mocha flavours". Collect data to better tailor your event to different individuals.

During: This is where it gets real! You can track attendees with digital footprints. There are ways to know where they spend the most time and where they stopped to take notice. This is a way to know what they enjoy, for how long and what areas are busier. This is gold! Now you know where to put the lounge areas, certain promo/ads, information stands and varied price brand kiosks, just to name a few. The busier it is, the more valuable it is for sponsors to set up shop. Switch up content, offers and activities based on rating and movements. You now have valuable data to justify your different price range for certain marketing visuals and stands.

After: Yes, it does keep going! As a matter of fact, this is a significant step. Feedback surveys will give you detailed information with which you can plan better future events in Vancouver. Utilize this data to create better storytelling, marketing and design for events that people will want to attend.

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Next Steps

Alright, let us cut through the noise and go a step further. Get a reaction, get attraction and delight your guests.

  • Link attendees: As the event planner, do you know your guests? Who do you think wants to meet each other for some high-quality networking? Create a setting, time and place where you know similar people will gather.
  • Experience Creation: As I like to call it. Customize some interactive options, that’s where it's at. As an event planner, you need to stay on top of event trends as they are ever evolving so adjust and evolve in real-time. Choose the right event planning software to increase attendance and avoid wasting money – Vancouver isn’t cheap.
  • Create Events with Purpose: Traditional meetings are no longer what people want; they want choices and events that add value to their lives on top of professional goals. Plan your event with a deeper meaning. Think beyond branded t-shirts/venues/decor but more with "people" in mind. More than ever, people are conscious of what they want and like. Beyond business and networking, give them some takeaways, and get them to share a fulfilling experience. For instance, adding a mindful session on leadership or igniting creativity.
  • Give Attendees the Event Agenda: Give them the ability to quickly figure out what at your event is valuable to them. Think of adding a live event pull app such as Buzz It. This gives a feeling of involvement and results in more engagement. With the progress of algorithms, we are now able to suggest attendees’ options based on history so they can then shape their own experience.
  • Segment Your Audience to Better Cater to Individuals: Create personas and scenarios where you can highlight the different personality types that will attend. By doing this, you can then offer specific opportunities from food/beverages to post-event activities, letting them choose their own adventures. This also allows you to cater to people’s interests, mood, timelines and personalities, which is vital in a city like Vancouver. Switch up the learning format for the right brains and left brains, introverts and extraverts, old fashion and experimental. For instance, beanbag chair lounge area vs. standing well-lit coffee bar station. Healthy meal options with morning yoga vs. photo ops for those social media post experts.
  • Many Unique Places in One Space: When planning a unique experience, you have to think about the design layout in order to have an impeccable corporate event. Offer a broad variety of interactions and content around, in and outside of the venue. Be adaptable and unique when diversifying one single space and give options on where to go and wander around. For example, I like to switch up where the food and the drinks are located so people have to move around. This stops people clustering and creates more possible interactions as they reposition. Use your imagination and fabricate spaces and vibes within a space such as theme stations.


Voila! You are ready to create a personalized corporate event! Thanks for reading and if you want to read more tips and tricks on planning an event in Vancouver, read more here.