Staying on track with corporate event planning can become tricky and overwhelming as you are juggling twenty+ tasks and subtasks, never mind the multiple contracts, services and rental companies to keep in contact with.

Here are some great techniques to keep you up to date in your planning.

Define Event Objectives & Goals

What is the sole purpose of your event? Think big picture for starters; this will keep your focus with all your business decision making.

Whether it’s target market related, an educational opportunity or promotional brand awareness, see the event in terms of goals, objectives and tactics.

What is it that you are trying to accomplish with your corporate event? Clearly defining goals helps keep you on track throughout the planning process. This also ensures that every dollar spent is well invested. If you’ve ever planned an event in Vancouver, you know those dollars don’t go as far as you’d like.


Goals need to be specific to support your purpose. Although this may seem like an obvious statement, it needs to be said because it is often missed or confused. The objectives are your roadmap to achieving these event goals, do not underestimate them. Remember, we want tangible results!

Main Corporate Event Goals & Objectives

1) Driving Brand/Business Awareness

Objective: See increased awareness. How do you measure awareness increase? There are a few ways, one of which is keeping your eyes on the volume and frequency of people talking about/sharing your event on social media. Keep tabs on posts and make a plan of action for that hype increase.

Tactics: You can build up awareness by motivating attendees to share posts on social media with a hashtag in exchange for the chance to win some freebies. You can also build some suspense by only giving away the first letter of the artist/speaker's name that will be attending. People can guess who the guest is with the chance to win VIP backstage passes or an overnight stay in a swanky Vancouver hotel. Get creative! There are so many ways to build excitement all the way to the big day.

2) Augmenting Enrollment

Objective: Simply put, you want more attendance, footprints, eyes and ears than your previous event.

Tactics: With surveys and data analysis of the last event, you will know what people liked and what they wish was altered or added to your event.

This is a great way to build a better corporate event. Accentuate the event promotion with the specifics that attendees love! You know what worked and what they desire, use it and make it even better next time.

3) Sell the Tickets

Objective: Set a number that you wish to reach. Being reasonable is key here but you want it to be a challenging target nonetheless. Use past data if available in order to work towards that golden number!

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Tactics: You can choose from a variety of options and can also use them all if you wish. Using a countdown before the tickets go on sale will build excitement and a feeling of "gotta get it while you can!". Another tactic is to have different ticket prices for certain dates, such as an early bird entry. You can also have package deals so that guests have options depending on their budgets. For instance, having ticket packages for groups (the more you buy the less they become individually). Another one would be including a full meal or access to the after-party. This means more people can afford to attend but they might stretch to a higher tier ticket if they think they’re missing out on something great.

4) Use Former Attendees

Objective: New audience is always fun, but one way to know if your event is successful is through returning guests. In coming back, they are living proof that you know how to put on a solid event. Set yourself a percentage of past attendees that you wish to come back as an objective.

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Tactics: Use them as mini promoters! They are already sold on the event and perhaps looking forward to the next one. Word of mouth is a powerful promotional tool. Why not get them to promote your event for/with you. You can use some incentives such as free drinks, free tickets or a promo code for a discount of some sort if they invite/sign up three friends. Using your last event’s email guest list you can give them the option to have a ticket at a discounted early bird price to make them feel extra special.

Having these goals defined and set in place makes it that much easier to plan, promote and stay within your budget brackets for a corporate event. Clear communication that is consistent throughout will also increase the attention and interest drawn to your event.

This is what we want: get people excited and talking!

Thanks for reading and check the blog for more tips from Vancouver’s event experts.