Although some of us feel ready and are itching for a face-to-face gathering, handshaking and glass cheering. Not so soon. Trust me when I say this, I am just as disappointed as you in regards to the lack of live interactions and corporate events. For now, virtual events are the best we have.

That being said, I am a strong believer that where there is a will, there is away. Here are a few ways to still make things happen, not the old ways but a new and different, adapted way... Sure Covid-19 will change some things forever in terms of liability/ insurance for event planning industries and perhaps <hand sanitizer center pieces>!                                     BUT events will bounce back and we will never take them for granted again. Nothing can replace a real and genuine live interaction with other human beings.

So, in the time being, let's stay optimistic and dive into our coping options!

Planning Virtual Events?

There are quite a few virtual event platforms and software out there and I will give you a few that I lean towards.

Although those tools are brilliant, I am not the least bit concerned that they will take over real-life interactions, which are critical to us as social animals for more than one reason. But they will continue alongside in-person events going forwards as an additional avenue. This is great for more revenue with extra eyes and ears and maximizing the attendance capacity (ROI)!

If you're planning a socially-distanced event, take precautions. Wear masks, obey the two metre rule, resist the urge to hug, high five and dance. I know, it's tough. These will be more muted affairs, but you still get to be around and appreciate your loved ones.

Let me know if I can help you plan or guide you through these different times. Remember we are all in this together.